Summer Break!

Congratulations to Team 3 on winning our 4th cup:

fo_tbh, Dloobiq, massoth, randallflag, Forgot10

We are now entering the summer break, we hope you all have a great time but be safe.

See you on the other side :)

From me and the OMGL Team

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, it's just another Draft Cup...!


We should take this opportunity to give Team 5 a very late congratulations! CONGRATULATIONS!

Now onto the matter at hand, the aptly named "OMG League Draft Cup #4", commencing at 14:00 GMT 17th June 2018.

Whilst we would love to get everybody involved and respect everyones rights to be anonymous online, unfortunatly it does not serve us well in terms of matchmaking/teams. For this reason, only players with public profiles on qlstats will be able to play.

You can sign up HERE

OMG Team

OMGL Draft Cup #3

The suspense is finally over! The next OMGL Draft Cup will be the 13th of May. For this tournament we will be using Challonge for sign-up and check-in.

Sign-ups are officially open now!

Mappool has been confirmed:

CP9 / CP22 / Fluorescent

Finally, a website!

Yes, it is finally that time. Approaching the 3rd cup and we have finally got around to a website (for the lulz ofc).

Feel free to have a poke around... there is not much here yet but we will get more content in time :)